The Visionary Behind It All

Buddy Hooper’s first memories are of his mother and father working side by side on their farm in a small, east Texas town. He was astonished when they took their produce to the market and traded it for items they did not grow themselves. It was his first look at the business world and his blue eyes still light up as he talks about these days! Looking back, he also remembers the men from the bank as they took his family’s cows and horses because there was no money to pay the bank loan. Buddy could not understand why the bankers would not accept the produce, like the market owners.

Little did he know what an impact that experience would have on him throughout his life.

Each time he heard of a business in trouble or an individual in need, he remembered his family’s cows and horses being led away. Just like his parents, the businesses and individuals had something of value, but could not find a way to trade it for what they needed. He kept thinking there had to be something he could do to help others avoid that horrible experience.

Throughout his many years as a business consultant and owner, he would often trade what he had to get what he needed, thus allowing his business to keep his hard-to-get cash. Then in the 60’s he learned about Trade/Barter Systems, which gave him the ability to trade what he had, but instead of a one-to-one trade, the system used the Trade/Barter Dollar as a way to expand his trade choices.

In 1989 Buddy created his own Trade/Barter system, called Barter Plus, in Sarasota, Florida. This company later became OrangeBee Money Global, which he still operates today.

For years he has been able to add something to many lives, by bringing them additional income through their use of his various Systems.

Buddy actually goes beyond helping people. Like the Chinese Proverb; “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, Buddy helps people to help themselves.

Buddy has always loved the Barter Industry, and continued to search for ways to grow the industry.

Finally, with his many years of experience and knowledge, he has now come up with a way to do just that.

Buddy’s latest creation is OrangeBee Money Global “OBMG”, the de facto Medium of Exchange (Money) for The Complementary Currency Systems, Barter Systems, Alternative Money Systems, Cooperatives, Chambers of Commerce, Etc. OBMG removes the barriers of starting a new System.

OBMG will increase the volume, and profits, of any System using OBMG, and eliminate much of the work now required to operate their system.

OBMG makes it possible for all Members of the “Systems” using OBMG to buy/sell with each other. With all the advantages that OBMG offers new startups, or current systems, and their Members, being a part of OBMG is a no brainer.

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