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OrangeBee Money Global

Your Complementary Currency Bank Cooperative

OBMG operates as a Bank Cooperative with all the accounts buying and selling with each other using OBMG as their medium of exchange because they want additional income.

Do you want additional Income?

OrangeBee Money Global “OBMG” guarantees additional income for select businesses both large and small, as well as, professionals and anyone in the Gig Economy. Also, everyone has a skill and time; the unemployed and underemployed, seniors, retires, school and college students, etc., and OBMG members will utilize their skills and time paying with OBMG. There are no upfront fees of any kind, and no fees ever unless OBMG delivers, then only a 10% cash broker fee for that additional income.

A cooperative (“coop”) or co-operative (“Co-Op”) is an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual benefit.

The OBMG Global Economy

The OBMG Members accept a Complementary Currency, OBMG, as their medium of exchange, money, because it is additional income. In the US OBMG is complementary to the US dollar, in Mexico, it is complementary to the Mexican Paso, etc. It is not in competition with the US dollar, but complementary to it.

Who does OBMG help?

Businesses & Professionals can increase their sales/clients and profits, open new markets, put their unused time, capacity, and inventory to work, in addition, conserve their hard to get cash.

By giving selected Businesses and Professionals exclusivity, which guarantees them addition sales, they become the main engine that drives the OBMG Economy. That is because they have more money to spend and must spend it with other Members of the OBMG Economy, making these businesses more successful, thus driving the OBMG Economy. And, when they pay OBMG (additional sales) for some of their purchases they save their cash, so they will also have more cash to spend.

Individuals, unemployed, and underemployed, can use their time and talent to improve their personal standard of living.

The very root of the OBMG Economy is people, and the only thing people get paid for is their time. What they do with their time determines how much they get paid. That is very important to understand because everyone has time. And with that realization, comes the knowledge that everyone has something to sell, their time.

Because the Businesses and Professionals will save their cash when they make a purchase paying with additional sales, they will have more cash to hire more employees.

Do you think that Employers would increase their number of employees if they would not have to pay them any salary out of their business, and only pay the withholding taxes? They can pay additional employees with OBMG, which they will receive when other Members buys from them, which will always be additional sales. This is not to be a permanent arrangement, but rather for a training period after which they will begin paying them cash.

This means that we have used the OBMG, to move the unemployed to employed.

In addition, the OBMG Economy will set up a branch website for businesses/individuals/organization that wants to help get the word out about the wonderful things that the OBMG Economy does and enjoy a percentage of the cash broker fee collected from the Members that they get to become a part of the OBMG Economy.

School & college students, can earn money while introducing themselves to the business world.

Students have skills that are of great value but have a very limited way to turn their skills into money. If you are a student, can you design websites, know social media, advertising, marketing, a computer tech, computer programmer, into communications, graphics arts, etc.?

Members of the OBMG Economy are ready to pay you OBMG for those skills.

That is because they can pay you with the OBMG, which they will receive when other Members buys from them, which will always be additional sales.

This may even turn into permeant employment should you wish.

Also, because students do not normally have a lot of cash, the OBMG Economy offers students a special payment plan. Instead of Student Members paying cash fees, they will pay all their fees with our OBMG, when we bring buyers for a student’s products or services.

This means that unless we bring students, someone to use their services, it will never cost them anything, and in addition, they will never pay us any cash.

Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations.

Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations spend a lot of their time on getting funded.

OBMG offers them a way to make their funding easier while helping even more people. The OBMG Economy will set up a branch website for their members (using theirs, or a different name) and pay them a percentage of the cash broker fee that we receive from a member that becomes a member by clicking through from that site, which will automatically place them in that organization’s branch. OBMG recommends they check with their accountant to be sure does not conflict with their charter.

Cities, Counties, Schools, States, US Government & any taxing agency.

In 1982, the United States Congress enacted the Tax, Equity, and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA). The OBMG Economy operates under the provision of this Act. OBMG is normally taxable in the year it is earned and reported to the IRS just as bank interest and income are reported.

This means that because OBMG is additional income, all Taxing Agencies will have more money, and be able to offer more services.

OBMG sales are taxable income just as cash sales, but that does not mean that you will necessarily pay taxes on them. You have your taxable income, less all your expenses and deductions, and that is what you pay taxes on. Just as with your cash sales if you spend your OBMG on a business expense then you deduct it as a business expense. OBMG will report all sales to the IRS at year’s end and furnish you this information on IRS Form 1099-B. As with any questions concerning taxes, you should check with your accountant.

OBMG is an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual benefit. And consists of many kinds of businesses both large and small, professionals, individuals, unemployed and underemployed, school & college students, etc. It is a market-based economy where goods and services are produced and exchanged according to demand and supply between participants (economic agents) by a medium of exchange with a credit or debit value accepted within the network, such as a unit of currency.

The OBMG Economy does not actually help people, it helps them to help themselves.

They believe in the Chinese Proverb; Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

How the OBMG Bank Cooperative accomplishes this amazing feat.

Technically, we just set up a secure online OBMG Bank Cooperative account with the transactions (sales/purchases) made through this Bank Account.

Transactions may be processed from our website, mobile app, or coming soon, our very own OBMG Income Card.

There two very important benefits here; additional OBMG income, and each time you make a purchase using your easy to get OBMG income, you save your hard to get cash, US dollars.

On the OBMG Bank Cooperative secure online Bank Website, you can find all the Products & Services Available.

In addition, you can list Products and Services you have to sell to other Members, view your Account History, Statements, get a Seller Transaction Authorization, Request a line of Credit, Directory Ads, etc.

In addition, because they have others using their services it expands the number of Products and Services available to all Members of the OBMG Bank Cooperative.

For additional information please contact us, or join now.