Q. Why should I accept OrangeBee Money Global “OBMG”
A. Because it will be additional income, never taking away from your cash income.

Q. What is OBMG?
A. OBMG is the Complementary Currency, Money, that Members of Complementary Currency Systems, Barter Systems, Alternative Money Systems, and Cooperatives, uses as their medium of exchange, money. In the US OBMG is complementary to the US dollar, in Mexico it is commentary to the Mexican Paso, etc. It is not in competition with the US dollar, but commentary to it.

Q. Cash is king, why should I accept OBMG?
A. Cash is not king, purchasing power is king. And since OBMG is additional income, you will have more purchasing power if you accept OBMG. Preservation of capital is fundamental to good business practice. That is exactly why you should use every means possible to avoid spending it. OBMG is an excellent way to offset cash expenses. In addition, OBMG cost less than cash dollars, but can obtain the same value.

Q. I need more cash. How does this help me get more?
A. When you make a purchase with OBMG, you are paying for it with additional income, and not spending your cash. You will always have more cash if you accept OBMG, not less.

Q. Will I get paid cash for these sales?
A. What we refer to as cash is just a medium of exchange, the U. S. Dollar in the US. These are other mediums of exchange, the Mexican Peso, Russian Rubble, Japanese Yen, etc. This additional income will be OBMG and will be deposited in your OBMG Bank account, then you can draw from, and spend this OBMG just as you do with your cash bank account. As with the other mediums of exchange, you must spend them with someone that accepts that medium of exchange.

Q. Will I pay more when I make a purchase paying with OBMG?
A. We do not negotiate prices, but it is our policy that sales are at regular cash prices. If you do not think it is a good deal, do not make the purchase.

Q. What about part cash, part OBMG?
A. In some instances, on very large Dollar sales the Seller may negotiate part cash. The more OBMG you will accept, the more sales you will receive. We have processed sales up to $250,000.00 at 100% OBMG.

Q. Can I make personal purchases using OBMG?
A. Absolutely! Any time you buy with OBMG, you do not spend your hard-earned cash, be it business or personal.

Q. Who else can use my OBMG Account?
A. Your OBMG Account is just like your cash account. You can let anyone use it that you want.

Q. Can I pay my employees with OBMG?
A. Why not, OBMG is a wonderful way to pay employees, be it salary, commissions, bonuses, etc. They can use their OBMG for many of their needs that they now are paying cash for. OBMG can be a great morale builder, at a very small cost to you.

Q. Can I pay a cash debts with OBMG?
A. Yes, it is often possible to negotiate cash debt payments with OBMG.

Q. Can I make charitable donations with OBMG?
A. Yes you can, and your tax deductions are the same as cash. The charitable organization can purchase some of their needs from members of OBMG with the OBMG that you donated.

Q. Where are your members located?
A. We have members located from Florida to Michigan, Maryland to California, and internationally.

Q. What if I do not want all the other Members to know that I accept OBMG?
A. You may choose not to be promoted visibly for a variety of reasons. We can provide confidentiality if you wish.

Q. Are high demand products available on OBMG?
A. Any item in high demand and with a low profit margin for the seller will not usually be available at 100% OBMG. When you make a purchase of other items using OBMG, the cash you save can be used to purchase these items.

Q. What kinds of things are available?
A. OBMG’s Members goods and services are continually changing and expanding. You should always anticipate your purchases as far ahead as possible (a good business practice) and check our website before spending cash on anything.

Q. What about my present customers?
A. OBMG sales are in addition to your present cash customers. OBMG will not convert your cash sales to OBMG sales.

Q. Can I obtain a line of credit?
A. Yes, we extend credit. A credit application must be completed and approved. When OBMG extends to you a loan, we must send you new customers that will buy from you in order to pay us back. Try that on your cash bank!

Q. When can I start accepting OBMG?
A. In most cases, you can start as soon as your application has been approved.

Q. What is scrip certificates?
A. Scrip certificates are purchased with your OBMG. Then they are used like cash with members, restaurants, etc. Change is not given and tax and tips, where applicable is paid in cash.

Q. What about taxes?
A. In 1982, the United States Congress enacted the Tax, Equity, and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA). OBMG operates under the provision of this Act. OBMG is normally taxable in the year it is earned and reported to the IRS just as bank interest and income are reported. OBMG recommends Member seek advice from a tax expert. OBMG is not Legal Tender as defined by the US Congress and Member accounts are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other such governmental or quasi-governmental agency.

Q. May I buy advertising for my business with OBMG?
A. Yes, paying OBMG for advertising to increase your cash sales is a very efficient way to use your OBMG Spending OBMG for advertising reduces your cost and increases its effectiveness. We have many options available for both local and national advertising. Media available may include: Magazines, radio, television, direct mail, etc.

Q. What if you have nothing I need?
A. We have assembled an ever increasing and diverse universe of products and services. All our members find many goods and services they can now obtain with OBMG that used to cost them cash. However, there may be specific items or services you need that we do not presently have.

Q. How much must I sell on OBMG?
A. You are the one who determines how much OBMG you will accept in any given period. If you wish, you can go on “hold”, stop selling, in in accordance with ours Rules and Regulations.