Newsletter February 2018


We know this has been a long time coming but feel sure you will find the wait well worth it.

We are going where no Complementary Monetary System has ever gone before, and fully intend to become the Amazon of our industry. The links below will take you to our fantastic expansion program details, but here are some highlights.

We are offering the most liberal pay plan in our industry to encourage OBMG Members to recruit new members, including cash and fantastic complementary certificates.

We are also investing time and money to help OBMG members increase their cash sales.


Everyone that visits one of our Affiliate websites will see:

free gift

We have a Special Promotion for Members joining during February 2018.

Percentage Cut

We are offering new Members a free lifetime membership, and absolute no fees of any kind until they make their first purchase and a 5% cash broker fee for the first six months. New members also receive complimentary travel certificates.

And on February 1, 2018, we reduced all OBMG Members cash broker fee to only 5% until July 31, 2018.

In addition to the above, when a Member gets a new Member to join OBMG, they will also get the same rewards the new Members receive.

We know this is a lot to digest, so if you have any questions, please just letus know.

If any OBMG Members do not jump on this with both feet (and maybe both hands), we would sure appreciate them letting us know why not.