OBMG Gets You Started Fast and Does Most of The Work for You

When someone gets in the business of a Complementary Currency System, Barter System, Alternative Money System, Cooperative, Chamber of Commerce, etc., they must spend a lot of time and money before they can start signing up Members. This is not so with OBMG.

They approach a business owner or professional about becoming a Member and they are asked, who are your other Members? If I accept OBMG for my products/services, what can I buy with my OBMG? Being an honest person, you must tell them they will be your first Member. This is not so with OBMG.

That is because you can show them our website or our OBMG Mobile App. They can see all of the OBMG Members and their Affiliates Members that they will be able to buy from using their OBMG. Now is that not great?

In my many years of experience in this industry, I have seen many people get in this business and start off just great. However, after signing up 50 to 75 Members they get overwhelmed with Brokering their Members, keeping up the website, keeping their Members’ directory ads up to date, worrying about the IRS information, and reporting it to the IRS, and all that goes with operating a business. After a while, they don’t have enough time or energy to sign up new Members, which is necessary for them to be a success.

OrangeBee Money Global, Inc. “OBMG” has changed all that.

We have 2 Levels of Affiliates

Level 1 Affiliates are only responsible for signing up new OBMG Members. Level 1 Affiliates receive 30% of the cash Broker Fee collected from their Members.

Level 2 Affiliates are responsible for signing up new Members, entering their information on OBMG’s Website, setting up their directory ads, and brokering their Members. Level 2 Affiliates receive 70% of the cash Broker Fee collected from their Members.

If only I had access to something like this when I started in this industry.

Are you really talented in driving traffic to a website? If so, this is a perfect opportunity. Just choose the level that works for you, then contact us to get started.



We know there is software available for a set fee per month, and some even have a cap on what you will pay each month, but NO ONE does as much to help you succeed and make money as we do.

We even help the Members you get to join OBMG increase their cash sales.