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OBMG operates as a Bank Cooperative with all the accounts buying and selling with each other using OBMG as their medium of exchange because they want additional income.

Do you want additional Income?

OrangeBee Money Global “OBMG” guarantees additional income for select businesses both large and small, as well as, professionals and anyone in the Gig Economy. Also, everyone has a skill and time; the unemployed and underemployed, seniors, retires, school and college students, etc., and OBMG members will utilize their skills and time paying with OBMG. There are no upfront fees of any kind, and no fees ever unless OBMG delivers, then only a 10% cash broker fee for that additional income.



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OBMG brings additional income to anyone, anywhere.  OBMG was founded in 1989 and has an A+ rating with the BBB. OBMG operates as a Cooperative Bank with accounts buying/selling with each other utilizing a Complementary Currency, OBMG, as their medium of exchange, because it is additional income. In the US OBMG is complementary to the US dollar, in Mexico, the Mexican Peso, etc. It is not in competition with other currencies, but complementary to them.

An article in USA Today put the industries market at $600 billion Worldwide.

An article in Business Week put the industries market in the USA at a staggering $12 billion annually. 

The industries are made up of 100’s of different systems of various sizes worldwide, with each operating individually.

These visionaries realized that in order for them grow and to reach their potential this had to change.

This is almost identical to the challenge facing the Credit Card Industry, when they first started.

When Credit Cards First Started

Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, etc. would issue credit cards but the holders of the Credit Card could only use them with Merchants that agreed to accept that banks credit cards.

This means that if you had a Credit Card issued by Wells Fargo you could not use it with Merchants that agreed to accept Credit Cards issued by Bank of America, etc.

The Industry knew this had to change in order for the Credit Card Industry to grow.

This is true for the Complementary Currency Systems, Barter Systems, Alternative Money Systems, and Cooperatives.

OrangeBee Money Global does the same thing for them that Visa/Master Card did for the Credit Card Industry.

Before VISA / MasterCard

Credit Cards Issued By Bank America/Wells Fargo Before VISA/MasterCard

After VISA / MasterCard

Bank Of America & Wells Fargo Issuing VISA Credit Cards That Could Be Used With Any Merchant That Accepted the VISA Credit Card

The Clearing House Model

This is the business model currently used by the Complementary Currency Systems, Barter Systems, Alternative Money Systems, and Cooperatives in an attempt to accomplish what the VISA/Master Card did for the Credit Card Industry, but it falls way short.

I know this looks a lot like the Credit Card Model, however there is a big difference.

Members of System A only has Money/Credit in that System and can only Buy/Sell to other Members of that system. And Members of System B only has Money/Credit in that System and can only Buy/Sell to other Members of that system.

The Clearing House has its own Money/Credit. In order for Member 100, a Member of System B, to make a purchase from Member 200, a member of System A, then System B must have Money/Credit with the Clearing House. This means that Member 100 may have $20,000 Money/Credit in his System but cannot make the purchase from Member 200.

OrangeBee Money Global – Multi-Systems

The Complementary Currency Systems, Barter Systems, Alternative Money Systems, and Cooperatives are all hubs. Systems that relate to them join the hub of their choice. However, all of them will use OBM Global to facilitate their transactions, etc.

Current System Owners

If you current own a Complementary Currency Systems, Barter Systems, Alternative Money Systems, Cooperatives, or any kind of a Complementary Currency Systems then you should switch to the OrangeBee Money Global Software. You will be astounded at how much it will increase your income, and make your job easier.

Members and Prospective Members

If you are a business, large or small, a professional, an individual, an unemployed or under employed person, or school or college students, etc.

You cannot join OBMG, but you should search out a “System” that uses our Software for the following benefits.

Businesses & Professionals can increase their sales/clients and profits, open new markets, and put their unused time, capacity, and inventory to work.

Individuals, unemployed, and under employed, can use their time and talent to improve their personal standard of living.

School & college students, can earn money while introducing themselves to the business world.