OBMG Global Advantage Card

Issued by OBM Global

The de facto Credit/Debit Card for the Complementary Currency Systems, Barter Systems, Alternative Money Systems, and Cooperatives.

The OBM Global Advantage Card can be used with our IVR application, online, as a RFID Smartcard, and can be used via telephone and banking online to post transactions. It converts foreign currencies, and funds are immediately available for the seller.


  • Already works world-wide
  • Real-time transaction processing: Funds immediately transferred from buyer to seller
  • PC-POS: Cards can also be debited via the system website
  • Secure: All cards have PIN numbers and the system has the option of requiring signatures of all cardholders to be kept on file where they can be checked using the Internet by both merchants and the system operator
  • Easy Admin: Both the system and the members can cancel cards, re-order cards and maintain the card accounts